SU5000 Series

Digital Pattern Generators/Pulse Pattern Generators


SU5000 Series-Digital Pulse Pattern Generators differently from other signal generators output analog waveforms, SU5000 Series pattern generators output digital pattern waveforms, using crystal oscillator as the time base, also have data storage and recall function. It has internal, external, manual trigger modes, and Ext. Trigger input 1Hz~10MHz for square, pattern rate 2mHz~50MHz for SU5303. Pulse output mode can be continuous, single, gate control. With these characteristics, it has applications in education, navigation, communication, and electric power load testing system.

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SU5000 Series Digital Pattern Generator Features

* Direct Digital Synthesis Technology

* Crystal Oscillation Reference

* High Accurate Time and Frequency

* Count burst or single burst both can be selected

* Multiple output channels and EXT

* Trigger/Frequency Standard Input channels

* Data Storage and Recall

* Optional GPIB and USB interface

SU5000 Series Digital Pattern Generator Specifiations

SU5101/5102 SU5202G SU5302 SU5303
Channel 1/2 2 2 1
Pulse Single/Dobule, Logic Positive /Negative, Positive/Negative Polary Single/Dobule, Logic Positive /Negative Logic Positive /Negative
Edge Time ≤10ns ≤10ns 8ns ~ 1ms 8ns ~ 1ms
Overshoot ≤ 10% ≤ 10% ≤ 10% ≤ 5%
Pulse Period 20ns ~ 10000s (frequency range: 0.1mHz ~ 50MHz)
Time Interval 5ns ~ 10000s 8ns ~ 9999.5s
Resolution 5ns (Low range), 10μs (High range) 0.1ns(typical)
Interval Error ± (T×5×10-5 + 5ns)(Low range), ±(T×5×10-5 + 10μs)

(High range)

Pattern N/A Length:4095bits Length:16384bits
Format:NRZ Format:NRZ, RZ
Rate:100mHz ~ 50MHz Rate:2mHz ~ 50MHz
Resolution: 0.1Hz
Amplitude Offset
Amplitude Range 50mV ~ 10V

(High Z)

50mV ~ 5V (50Ω) 50mV ~ 5V (50Ω) 50mV ~ 5V (50Ω)
Offset Range 50mV ~ 10V

(High Z)

50mV ~ 5V (50Ω) 50mV ~ 5V (50Ω) -5V~ 5V (50Ω)
Output Impedance 50Ω
TTL/COMS Level Low Level≤ 0.3V, High Level≥3.0V (high impedance load)
Output Impedance 50Ω
Burst Count 2 ~ 65000 cycles
Burst Mode Continuous, Signle
EXT. STD Input
Frequency 10M mutiple
Amplitude 0.5-5Vpp, AC coupling
Trigger Mode Internal, External, Manual
Ext. Trigger Input Frequency: 1Hz ~ 10MHz (Square), Amplitude: 1Vpp ~ 20 Vpp
Input Impedance ≥100kΩ
General Characteristics
Power AC110-240V, 50/60Hz,<80VA
Display VFD 5.7′ TFT LCD 5.7′ TFT LCD 4.3′ TFT LCD
Optional Interface USB, GPIB RS232(Standard),GPIB RS-232


Dimension & Weight 254×103×384mm,

Approx.3 kg

330×155×300mm,Approx.4.2kg 450×100×475mm,

Approx.6.0 kg


SU5000 Series Digital Pattern Generator Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

Testing cable:1pcs

CD(Software+ User’s Guide):1pcs


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