TFG1900B Series

Cheap frequency signal generator for sale


TFG1900B Series belonging to a low price function generator, with one channel output, 3MHz/5MHz/10MHz/20MHz for Sine, high precision PCB designed, can make the test quickly and accurately. Working at AC 100-240V voltage power, adopting the DDS technique, it is an inexpensive electronics test and measurement instrument for R&D, education, etc.

Product Model




* Simple structure and highly cost-effective

* Output 16 waveforms

* AM,FM,PM,PWM and FSK modulation

* Provide frequency sweep and burst

* Standard configuration interface: USB Device


TFG1903B TFG1905B TFG1910B TFG1920B
Range Sine 10μHz ~ 3MHz 10μHz ~ 5MHz 10μHz ~ 10MHz 10μHz ~ 20MHz
Square 10μHz ~ 5MHz
Others 10μHz ~ 1MHz
Resolution 10μHz
Accuracy ±50ppm
Type 16 waveform, Sine, Square, Ramp, Exp, Log, Noise, etc.
Length 1024 points
Sampling Rate 100 MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Sine Harmonic Distortion ≤-40dBc(≤5MHz);


Total Distortion ≤0.5% (20Hz ~ 20kHz, 20Vpp)
Square Rise/Fall Edge Time ≤35ns        Overshoot: ≤ 10 %
Duty Cycle 0.1% ~ 99.9%
Ramp Symmetry 0.0% ~100.0%
Range Frequency≤8MHz 0 ~ 10Vpp(50Ω),0 ~ 20Vpp(Open circuit)
Frequency>8MHz 0 ~ 9Vpp(50Ω), 0 ~ 18Vpp(Open circuit)
Resolution 5mVpp(Amplitude>2Vpp)
DC Offset (Ampl.   0Vpp)
Range ±5Vdc (50Ω), ±10Vdc (Open circuit)
Resolution 5mVdc
FM,AM, Carrier Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc.

(only Pulse for PWM)

PM,PWM Modulating Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc.
Modulating Frequency 40mHz ~ 20kHz
FSK Carrier Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc.
Modulating Waveform Square
FSK Rate 40mHz ~ 100kHz
Frequency Sweep
Type Linear or Logarithmic
Sweep Time 50ms ~ 500s
Trigger Source Internal/External/Manual
Burst Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc.
Burst Count 1 ~ 1000000
Internal Period 1μs ~ 20s
Start Phase 0° ~ 360°
Trigger Source Internal/External/Manual
SYNC Output
Electrical Level TTL compatible
Waveform   Characteristic Square, edge time ≤ 20ns
Output Level low   level<0.3V, high level>4V
General   Characterisctics
Power AC 100 ~ 240V, 45 ~ 65Hz, < 20VA
Display LCD display
Dimension &   Weight 322×256×102mm, Approx.1.5kg

When looking for cheap signal generators for sale, it’s essential to understand what “cheap” means in this context. A cheap signal generator doesn’t necessarily imply compromised quality or unreliable performance. Instead, it refers to affordable options that cater to specific requirements and limited budgets.

The Advantages of Affordable Signal Generators

Investing in an affordable signal generator can offer several advantages, including:

Cost-Effectiveness: Budget-friendly signal generators allow you to access essential features without breaking the bank, making them ideal for entry-level projects and educational purposes.

Learning Opportunities: For students and beginners, affordable signal generators provide valuable hands-on learning experiences without a significant financial burden.

Hobbyist Projects: Enthusiasts and hobbyists can explore their creative ideas and experiment with electronics using cost-effective signal generators.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Affordable Signal Generators

While searching for affordable signal generators, consider the following factors to ensure you find a suitable option:

Frequency Range: Determine the required frequency range for your projects. Choose a signal generator that meets your specific frequency needs.

Output Power: Depending on your application, select a signal generator with sufficient output power to drive your system effectively.

Modulation Capabilities: Verify that the signal generator supports the modulation types essential for your applications, such as amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM).

Signal Purity and Accuracy: Even in budget-friendly options, look for signal generators with low phase noise and high signal purity for accurate waveform generation.

Connectivity Options: Check the available connectivity options, such as USB, Ethernet, or GPIB, to ensure seamless integration into your setup.

User Interface: Consider the user interface and control options. An intuitive interface can significantly impact your user experience.


Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

CD(Software+ User’s Guide):1pcs


Power Amplifier  (output power:10W)