SA9100 Series

Inexpensive RF Spectrum Analyzer


* Frequency Range: 9kHz to 3.0GHz

* DANL: -135dBm Typ.

* Phase Noise: -80dBc/Hz (10kHz offset)

* Amplitude Resolution: <1.5dB

* RBW: 1Hz to 1MHz, step 1-3-10

* Tracking Generator optional

* Full measuring functions and auto setting

* 7′ TFT LCD

* USB Host, USB Device, LAN, RS232, VGA

Product Model




Improve budget utilization and make RF testing more efficient

Unlock the hidden potential of your RF signals with our cutting-edge spectrum analyzer. Whether you are optimizing a new design, balancing test throughput and accuracy on the production floor, or providing maintenance services and verifying field equipment, you need to use the right tool for the job.

Don’t let budget constraints hold you back. We understand the importance of affordability, which is why we offer a spectrum analyzer price that won’t break the bank. Say goodbye to exorbitant costs and hello to exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Discover unparalleled accuracy and comprehensive insights into your signal’s frequency spectrum. Our spectrum analyzer offers a wide frequency range, ensuring no signal goes unnoticed. From identifying noise and interference to measuring harmonic distortion, this versatile tool does it all.

Our basic RF spectrum analyzer offers great value and versatility to perform accurate RF testing in the 9 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range.

Reliable RF testing in the 3 GHz frequency range gives you more efficient analysis for less budget.
Improve RF test efficiency with optimized measurement speed and value-added features.
Enhanced ease-of-use that reduces learning time and increases test efficiency.
Multiple features (including spectrum analysis, signal monitoring, and transmission/reflection measurements) to meet more RF test needs.

Quickly perform pass/fail tests

Use the SA9115 and SA9130 spectrum analyzers to quickly see if your measurements meet the frequency and power criteria expected in your test plan.


SA9115 SA9130
Range 9kHz  ~ 1.5GHz 9kHz ~ 3.0GHz
Resolution 1Hz
Frequency Span
Frequency Span Range 0Hz, 100Hz ~ 1.5GHz 0Hz, 100Hz ~ 3.0GHz
Uncertainty ±span/(sweep points-1)
SSB Phase Noise(fc=1.0GHz) -80dBc/Hz @10kHz offset
Resolution Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz ~ 1MHz,  step 1-3-10
RBW Uncertainty 10%, nominal (RBW>1kHz)
20%, nimial(RBW≥10Hz, sweep time≥5s)
Video Bandwidth (-3dB) 1Hz to 1MHz,  step 1-3-10
Range DANL to +30dBm
Maximum Input Level DC Voltage: 50V
CW RF Power: +30dBm (1.0W)
Max.Damage Level: +40dBm (10W)
Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)
DANL (Preamplifier Off)  typ. -125 dBm
DANL (Preamplifier On)  typ. -135 dBm
Reference Level Range -100dBm to +30dBm, step 1dB
Sweep Time Range 100Hz≤Span≤3GHz 10 ms to 3000 s
Span=0 Hz 20 μ;s to 3000 s
Sweep Time Uncertainty 100Hz≤Span≤3GHz 5%, nominal
Span=0 Hz 0.5%, nominal
Sweep Mode Continuous, single
Trigger Source Free, Video, External
External Trigger Level 5 V TTL level
Advanced measurement
Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power, N-dB bandwidth, Occupied Bandwidth
EMI 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz
RF Input Impedance 50Ω
Standard frequency Frequency: 10MHz
Amplitude: 0dBm~10dBm(input)

-3dBm to +3dBm (output)

TG Frequency range 9kHz to 1.5GHz 9kHz to 3GHz
TG Output level range -20dBm to 0dBm
TG Output level resolution 1dB
Type USB Host & Device, LAN, VGA, RS-232
Power Supply Input Voltage AC100V to 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz(1±10%)
Power Consumption 35W
Dimension & Weight 363×154×327mm, approx. 6.0kg

Equipped with advanced RF spectrum analyzer software, our system allows you to harness the power of data visualization and analysis. Seamlessly explore signal characteristics, identify anomalies, and make informed decisions based on accurate measurements. Our intuitive software interface ensures effortless operation, making complex analyses accessible to professionals of all levels.

Experience ultimate convenience with our USB spectrum analyzer. Compact, portable, and compatible with various devices, it brings flexibility to your signal analysis needs. Now you can take your spectrum analysis on the go, whether in the lab, on-site, or during fieldwork.

We understand that finding a low-cost spectrum analyzer is a priority. That’s why we’ve designed our instrument with affordability in mind, without compromising on performance. Enjoy the benefits of a feature-rich RF analyzer at a fraction of the price you’d expect. No more sacrificing quality for cost-effectiveness – we’ve got you covered.

Revolutionize your signal analysis with our cheap spectrum analyzer. Unlock the secrets of your RF signals, fine-tune your systems, and optimize performance – all without draining your budget. Experience professional-grade capabilities without compromise.

Discover the difference with our spectrum analyzer and take your signal analysis to new heights. Embrace precision, affordability, and ease-of-use all in one. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best – unlock the full potential of your RF signals today!


Expand your RF test capabilities with the right tools
Increase productivity by pairing the right accessories.
Accelerate your product development by employing the right SUIN design and test automation software.
Thus allowing your existing RF test instruments to perform more of their potential functions.

Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

N-BNC Adapter:1pcs

CD(Software+ User’s Guide):1pcs


Tracking Generator

N-SMA Adapter, N-SMA Cable, BNC-BNC Cable,

USB cable, RS-232 cable

Attena 1(900MHz/1.8GHz), Attena2(2.4GHz)

Near Field Probe Set SY5030