SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer


The critical importance of electrical power in today’s society necessitates daily maintenance and management to ensure that problem’s don’t occur. When they do, for example due to an equipment failure or abrupt surge in demand, engineers face the need to analyze the cause quickly.

The Suin SA2100 and SA2200 help troubleshoot power quality problems in three- and single-phase power distribution systems. Especially the SA2200 can conduct tests according to the international IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard.


A Portable Power Analyzer is a handheld instrument used to measure, analyze, and display electrical power parameters of a system. It can be used to monitor electrical power usage, detect power quality issues, and measure power factor, voltage, current, and frequency. Portable power analyzers are commonly used in a variety of applications such as industrial power systems, renewable energy systems, building automation, and electrical maintenance. They offer advantages such as compact size, battery operation, and easy-to-use interfaces, making them useful for field testing and troubleshooting.


Our Portable Power Quality Analyzer is designed to empower professionals like you with unmatched precision and convenience. Whether you’re an electrical engineer, energy auditor, or maintenance technician, our analyzer is a compact yet powerful companion for on-the-go p ower quality analysis.

It is widely used in: Power supply maintenance, management, troubleshooting and analysis

Design Features

Class A compliance under international standards

Basic voltage measurement accuracy of±0.1%

Special waveform record function

200kS/s sample rate

Support multi language

32GB micro SD card

GPS time synchronization

Advance function interface

1. Track harmonics up to 100th

 SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer

2. Phase Diagram

SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer

3. Powerful logger function

SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer

4. Data analyze in PC software

SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer

Equipped with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, our Power Analyzer delivers comprehensive insights into the health and efficiency of your electrical network. Uncover hidden issues, identify voltage fluctuations, harmonics, and power factor irregularities that may impact system reliability and energy consumption.

Our Portable Power Analyzer is engineered for versatility. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and use in various environments. From industrial sites to commercial buildings, our analyzer adapts to your needs, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements wherever you go.

Experience the convenience of digital power analysis with Suin. Our intuitive interface and user-friendly controls allow you to navigate through measurements effortlessly. Visualize waveforms, analyze comprehensive reports, and make informed decisions to optimize energy consumption and enhance power system performance.

Trust in the reliability of Suin Power Analyzers. Our devices are meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring accurate measurements and reliable performance in every analysis. With our Portable Power Quality Meter, you can confidently diagnose power quality issues and take proactive measures to maintain system integrity.

Questions & Answer From SA2200 Class A Power Quality Analyzer

Q: What are Class A power quality analyzers?

A: Class A Power Quality Analysers that must meet Class A performance requirements of IEC61000-4-30 international standard, when instruments are connected to the same signals will produce the same results. Class A instruments must meet the highest performance and accuracy requirements in this standard.

Class A defines the measurement time accuracy (better than +/- 0.3 sec/day) for parameters such as voltage, current and harmonics. With defined methods and measurement uncertainties for Power Supply Voltage, Flicker, Voltage Unbalance, Voltage and Current Harmonic.

Suin SA2200 power quality analyzer complies with the IEC61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Class A standard. So far, the certified by IEC62856-2 is being prepared and will made public once get this certification.

Q: What’s function of THD? Which measurement version that SA2200 adopts and how to display it?

A: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is used to measure waveform distortion. Method THDF – total harmonic distortion referred to fundamental component was used on SA2200 and result will be expressed as a percentage.


Voltage/Current/Frequency Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
Vrms(AC+DC) 1 ~ 120Vrms 0.001Vrms ±0.1% of nominal voltage
120Vrms~400Vrms 0.01Vrms
400Vrms~1000Vrms 0.1Vrms
Vpk 1 ~ 1400Vpk 0.01Vpk ±0.5% of nominal voltage
V(Crest Factor) 1.0 ~ >2.8 0.01 ±5%
Arms(AC)          10mV/A 0~150A 0.01A ±0.1%±0.1A
       1mV/A 1~2000A 0.01A ±0.1%±0.1A
       65mV/1000A 10~6000A 0.01A ±0.1%±0.2A
A(Crest Factor) 1 ~ 10 0.01 ±5%
Frequency 42.5~57.5

(50Hz nominal)

0.01Hz ±0.01Hz

(60Hz nominal)

0.01Hz ±0.01Hz

(400Hz nominal)

0.01Hz ±0.01Hz
Dips & Swells
Vrms1/2 0 ~ 200% of

nominal voltage

0.01Vrms ±0.2%
Arms1/2 depends on

current clamps

0.01A ±1%
Harmonic (IEC61000-4-7)
Harmonic Number 1 ~ 100(50/60Hz) (IEC61000-4-7)   1~12(400Hz)
Harmonic Voltage %f 0.0 ~ 100.0% 0.01% ±0.1%±nx0.1%
Harmonic Current %f 0.0 ~ 100.0% 0.01% ±0.1%±nx0.1%
THD 0.0 ~ 100.0% 0.01% ±2.5%
Phase -180° ~180° 0.1° ± nx0.1°
Power and Energy
P, S, Q1 Max. 6000MW 0.1kW ±1%±10 digits
PF & cosФ 0 ~ 1 0.01 ±0.01
kWh, kVAh, kvarh depends on nominal voltage

and current clamps

±1%±10 digits
Flicker (IEC61000-4-15)
Pst(10min)/Plt (2 hrs) 0.00 ~ 20.00 0.01 ±5%
Voltage 0.0 ~ 20.0% 0.10% ±0.1%
Current 0.0 ~ 20.0% 0.10% ±1%
Voltage Phase -360° ~ 0° 0.1° ±0.1°
Current Phase -360° ~ 0° 0.1° ±0.5°
Voltage Transient
Vpk ±6000Vpk 0.01V ±15%
Vrms 10 ~ 1000Vrms 0.01V ±2.5%
Min. Test Time 5us
Inrush Current
Arms depends on

current clamps

0.01A ±1%±5digits
Inrush Duration 1 ~ 32min


10ms ±20ms
Mains Signaling
Signaling Frequency 60-3000Hz 0.1Hz
Relative V% 0%-100% 0.10% ±0.4%
Absolute V3s (3s average) 0.0-1000V 0.1V ±5%   of Nominal voltage
Recording user-defined parameters for 4 phases at the same time
Memory Data stored in   Micro SD card, 32GB
Duration Time 2 hrs to 1 year, depends on the recording items and time interval
Interval 1s to 60 minutes
Support EN50160 in default or user-defined standard
Channel(Voltage/Current) 4/4
Voltage Range 1-1000Vrms, 6000V transient voltage
Current Range depends on supplied current clamp
PC software analysis Yes
Micro SD card(bulid-in) 32GB
Battery Lithium ion, 5200mAh/>8h
Time Synchronization GPS/Beidou(option)
interface USB Host, LAN, WIFI
WIFI App ●(option)
Screen 5.6′ TFT LCD with resolution640*480(SA2200)
Language 14-Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese(Brazil/Portugal), Russian, Spanish   (Latin/Spain), Turkish
Dimension/Weight 270*190*66mm/2.0kg
Electrical Safety IEC61010-1 ,Safety Degree: 600V CAT IV    1000V CAT III



SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer

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SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer

SA2200 Portable Power Analyzer