SA1000 Series

Frequency Characteristic Analyzer


* Built-in detector, dispensing with detection radiometer

* Measure amplitude-frequency, phase-frequency,

frequency discrimination and S parameters

* Available to set sweep mode arbitrarily, such as linear,

logarithmic or single tone

* Display the frequency, gain and phase value

at cursor position

* Four cursors could be displayed at same time within

the sweep range

* 7″TFT color LCD with clear graph interface and

convenient operation

* USB_device and RS232 interface



SA1030 SA1080 SA1140
Sweep Range 20Hz~30MHz 20Hz~80MHz 20Hz~140MHz
Function amplitude-frequency, phase-frequency,

frequency discrimination and S parameters

Sweep Mode linear, logarithmic or tone
Output Amplitude >0.5Vrms
Input Impedance 50Ω/High Impedance
Output Impedance 50Ω
Output Attenuation 0 ~ 80dB, 1dB step
Input Gain 10 ~ -30dB, 10dB step
Phase Range -180° ~ +180°
Phase Resolution
Amplitude range of input 0.1V≤A≤10V
DC Offset ±4V
General Characteristics
Display 7” TFT LCD, 800×480
Interface RS232, USB_Device
Power AC 220V (1±10%)V, 50(1±5%)Hz, <60VA
Dimension & Weight 363×155×328 mm, 4.8 kg
SA1216 SA1220
Sweep Range 20Hz-160MHz 20Hz-200MHz
Measurement Function amplitude-frequency, phase-frequency, frequency discrimination, S Parameters
Sweep Mode Linear, Log or Tone
Output Level -80dBm~10dBm
Output Impedance 50Ω/75Ω
Input Level -80dBm~20dBm
Input Impedance 50Ω/75Ω/1MΩ
Level Detection Accuracy 0.1dB
Phase Detection Range 0~360°
Phase Detection Accuracy ±0.5°
Input signal amplitude range 0.1V≤A≤10V
DC Offset ±4V
General Characteristics
Display 7” TFT LCD, 800×480
Interface RS-232, USD Device
Dimension & Weight 364×155×328mm, 5.0kg

frequency characteristic analyzer, also known as a spectrum analyzer, is an electronic test instrument used to measure and display the frequency spectrum of a signal. It provides a visual representation of the amplitude (strength) of different frequency components in a signal.

The analyzer takes an input signal and breaks it down into its constituent frequencies, displaying the results on a graph. The horizontal axis represents the frequency range, while the vertical axis represents the amplitude or power of each frequency component.

The frequency characteristic analyzer is commonly used in various fields, including telecommunications, audio engineering, radio frequency (RF) analysis, and electronic troubleshooting. It helps in analyzing and diagnosing signal quality, identifying noise and interference, measuring harmonic distortion, and evaluating the performance of electronic devices and systems.

Modern spectrum analyzers offer a wide range of features and capabilities, including adjustable frequency ranges, resolution bandwidth settings, amplitude scaling, peak detection, and advanced measurement functions. They can be standalone instruments or integrated into other equipment or software for specific applications.


Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

BNC Testing cable:2pcs

Test clip leads:2pcs

CD(User’s Guide):1pcs