SU432X Series

SU432X Noise Source


In the communication system, the measurement equipment with high performance should be prepared in order to ensure the working stability of facilities. SU432X Series Noise Source is one of them. It is used to simulate the noise of satellite communications to get an appropriate SNR to measure the miscode ratio of intermediate frequency modem. Noise source is not only used in satellite communications to simulate the Gauss white noise in the satellite circuitry, but also used in the microwave communication and scatter communication. The present SU432X Series noise source uses the heat noise generated by the intermediate amplifier as the noise source because it is of the characteristics of Gauss white noise.


Product Model




*Gauss white noise with broadband standard could be generated

*Uniform and controlled spetral density, no DC and excess noise

*Simulate link noise in the UAV, navigation and satellite communication

*Widely application in electronic countermeasures and electromagnetic compaction, BER test and CATV test


SU4323 SU4326
Noise Bandwidth 10MHz ~ 3.0GHz 10MHz ~ 6.0GHz
Attenuation Range 0.0~60.0dB
Attenuation Step 0.1 dB
Max. Output Noise ≥3.0 dBm(10MHz ~ 3GHz) ≥3.0 dBm(10MHz ~ 6GHz)
Flatness (attenuation 0.0dB) ±2.0 dB(10MHz ~ 50MHz)

±2.0 dB(50MHz ~ 2.4GHz)

±2.0 dB(2.4GHz ~ 3GHz)

±2.0 dB(10MHz ~ 50MHz)

±2.0 dB(50MHz ~ 2GHz)

±2.0 dB(2GHz ~ 5.4GHz)

±2.5 dB(5.4GHz ~ 6.0GHz)

Output Impedance 50Ω
General Characteristics
Interface RS-232, USB(standard), GPIB(optional)
Power AC 100V-240V, 50Hz~60Hz (1±10%),<15VA
Environment Temperature 5℃ ~ 40℃, RH<80%
Dimension 254×103×374mm
Weight 4.0 kg 4.2kg


Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

CD(Software+ User’s Guide):1pcs